About miRunners

miRunners is changing the face of Australian thoroughbred racing, making premium horse ownership accessible to all Australians.

For most of history, ownership of thoroughbreds was limited to a select few with high costs and obstacles making it incredibly difficult for the everyday Australian to enjoy the ownership experience. The miRunners model has changed all that as they offer the best horses together with the best trainers and make them affordable so anyone who has a passion for racing can come on the journey of premium thoroughbred ownership.

As a Geelong Community owner you’ll join over 2,100 miRunners owners who already enjoy ownership in one of their six other thoroughbreds. You will be invited to meet your horse, see it progress in the lead up to its first race, and you will receive regular weekly updates direct to you from your trainer, Troy Corstens.

How we do it

There is no secret to our formula: we simply purchase a premium racehorse, match it up with a top tier trainer and split the purchase cost into 1,000 units which is offered to you as a genuine, transparent ownership vehicle. miRunners Racing NO 1 ARSN 615 110 711 miRunners Australia Limited (authorised rep no 001248646 of AFSL 223671).

For your Geelong Community Horse, miRunners purchased “Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere” at the 2018 Inglis Classic Yearling Sale for $198,000 (inc gst) from Raheen Stud in Queensland, the horse was split into 1,000 units which are available to purchase for hence $198 each.

If the horse wins, the owners’ share of winnings are also distributed equally by 1,000 units.

The best interest of the horse and the owners will always be the predetermining factor in how long the horse races for. Owners are advised as a guideline to look to approximately 3 years as an average racing career commitment. Each horse will be different however and the management of miRunners will make a determination based on the horse’s and the owners best interests. Any sale proceeds generated from your thoroughbred at the conclusion of its career are also split by 1,000 units after selling costs.

miRunners makes its fees from the monthly fee. $10 covers the legal, communication, platform and administration costs of running the business, $5 per month covers all the insurance, travel, feed, vet and training fees etc.

Total fees for your first unit will be $15 per month but only $5 for any subsequent units. No matter how many units you own (up to our 20 unit limit per horse), you pay the $10 component for your first unit only.

For more information on miRunners, visit mirunners.com.

What our customers say

For anyone who thought they couldn’t afford to be a part owner in a racehorse, this is for you. Low cost to buy in, low ongoing costs. Great feedback from trainers weekly. You couldn’t find a better way to get involved in horse racing. Thanks miRunners.


miRunners is a great experience for anyone looking to get involved or are already involved in the racing industry. Communications from A+ trainers are top grade with top quality bred thoroughbreds. Best thing is you get the same benefits as a 100% owner no matter what percent you own. Overall it’s an extremely fun and inexpensive way to get involved in horse racing ownership. I highly recommend to all. 10/10.


I have really enjoyed the experience provided through miRunners and continue to do so. The weekly updates, meet the trainer/horses events and the friendship of the miRunners owners community is just wonderful as are all the staff at miRunners who patiently answer our questions regardless of how dopey the questions may be. This is an affordable way for everyday people to be a part of horse ownership and be involved in horse racing.The fun, excitement and feeling of community that I get from being a part of this, to me, is priceless.
I highly recommend being a part this.


A very professional outfit providing racehorse ownership to the everyday public at a minimal cost. I’ve been greatly impressed by the level of communication with owners, the inclusion with every aspect of what’s happening with the horse. Quality trainers involved with well bred horses; increasing the chances of success.
I’d highly recommend miRunners to anyone wanting to have an interest in racehorse ownership.


I have units in 3 horses… I love it. miRunners has given me the opportunity to follow my passion for thoroughbred horses and to learn so much about the racing industry. I have been kept informed about the horses and their progress. I love that I can brag a little saying I have horses with Australia’s top trainers. This is a brilliant way to be involved in the best of the best.


Having been involved with horse racing since 1985 I can state without any reservation that miRunners is a wonderful way for the everyday mums, dads etc to enjoy the thrill of owning a racehorse…Considering the quality of the horses, the trainers and the amount of information provided by miRunners, the monthly fee represents excellent value for money.


A very good initiative that helps everyday people own part of a racehorse, something that most of us only used to dream about. It’s exciting watching the updates and seeing how your horse is going and going to be even better when you get to go to the track and have a vested interest in one of the horses running.


The chance to have affordable ownership in a high-quality racehorse with one of the best trainers in Australia is a dream come true for me. Was very happy when I found out about miRunners and even happier now to be part of Pearl.


This is my 2nd time being involved in a horse, but the way this is conducted is first-rate, we are kept up to date with what is going on with whatever horse you’re involved in, videos, emails, we receive them all. Well done miRunners this is the best thing to come to racing.


This is a great initiative that gives the opportunity for people to be involved in racing for a very small cost. My experience has been excellent. The level of information is outstanding and owners are constantly kept informed.


Best syndicate I have ever raced horses in. Great communication to the owners’ so inclusive from pre training to racing. Staff to trainers everyone has made a special effort to look after the horse and the owners.
Premium horse flesh and premium syndicators. Success will come their way.


miRunners have given me my lifelong dream to have shares in a racehorse and my wife is excited as well, so thank you miRunners.


What a great experience. Excellent communication and a transparent business model, a breath of fresh air in the industry.


Great concept, awesome communication, revolutionising racehorse ownership to bring it to the average Joe rather than exclusively for the wealthy. Great work miRunners team.


I’m loving the experience of owning a tiny little share in the filly I bought into. I’m in this for the experience of owning a racehorse not to make money. The buy-in costs and monthly fees are affordable and give me the same experience as any owner. I for one certainly wouldn’t be a racehorse owner if it wasn’t for miRunners. Thank you to all the team I certainly appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into our horses


I would like to give miRunners a 5-star rating at this point in time. What has impressed me the most is the way they communicate with owners in there syndicated thoroughbreds. Lots of regular reports, photos via FaceBook, videos and email. As the majority of their runners commence racing I believe excitement will build especially for all their first-time owners. I do not feel ashamed to only have 1/1000th of a share as it’s so affordable and still gets the same thrill out of winning as owners who may own 100% share in a racehorse.


A great way to get into racehorse ownership.


The miRunners experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Had a pipe dream for years to be an owner of a well-bred thoroughbred horse and this opportunity presented itself. There is not one bad thing to say about the experience so far and my boy has not even raced yet. One of the owners of Zoustar X Shack colt.


The whole experience to date has been great. The day at Horsley Park was exceptional and a credit to the miRunners team. Meeting my horse, Rubick X Slainte filly, and her brilliant trainer, Bjorn Baker, was a fabulous experience. Sharing the highs and lows with other owners, particularly the Saganaki owners who are at the forefront of this adventure has also been exciting. The reports from Shannon and the Emeran Park team are educational and give a wonderful picture of the progress of our horses. I’ve made new friends and know that I’ll make many more. This is a pioneering experience of which I’m proud to be a part.


Fantastic information and insight into our beautiful filly! I have shares in horses elsewhere but miRunners by far give the best experience!! Thank you.


Thanks miRunners for giving my wife and I the opportunity to be involved in the thoroughbred racing industry. The costs are absolutely affordable and the regular updates are first-rate. A fantastic initiative.


I love miRunners. This has given me an opportunity to have a share in a racehorse, I would never have been able to do this otherwise.Thank you miRunners.


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