Owners in the Geelong community premium thoroughbred will share benefits unique to them,
as well as enjoying benefits shared by every miRunners owner.
Unique benefits include choosing your horse’s name, and choosing the design of your silks,
which will have unique Geelong Racing Club branding.

Shared benefits include individual certificates of ownership, opportunities to meet your horse at special events,
weekly updates sent to you by your trainer, and much more.
All are designed to create unique experience that will last into the future, that you share with hundreds of co-owners. See details below...

Certificate of ownership

A personalised certificate of ownership.

Trainer updates

Weekly video and updates of how your thoroughbred is progressing from leading Geelong trainer, Troy Corstens.


Participation in a new Geelong community of co-owners and events to forge additional shared experiences and friendships.

Naming and Silks

Choice of name for your thoroughbred. Choice of designing and voting on your own racing silks design.

Prize Money

A pro-rata share of all prize money won.

Special owner invitations

The opportunity to meet your horse.

Total costs: Each owner will incur a monthly fee for the duration of their ownership experience (for what is estimated to be approximately 36 months). Total fees for your first unit in each horse will be $15 per month but only $5 for any subsequent units in each horse. $10 covers the communication and administration costs and $5 per month covers all the insurance, food and training fees.