Meet your premium Team Geelong thoroughbred and trainer this Saturday

Meet your premium Team Geelong thoroughbred and trainer this Saturday

For most of history, ownership of thoroughbreds was limited to a select few with high costs and obstacles making it incredibly difficult for the everyday Australian to enjoy the ownership experience.

The miRunners model has changed all that as we aim to bring the best horses together with the best trainers and make them affordable so anyone who has a passion for racing can come on the journey of premium thoroughbred ownership.

We are inviting anyone with a desire to own to join us at this FREE event where you can get up close and personal with Team Geelong’s very own premium thoroughbred Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere, trainer Troy Corstens and hear more about the miRunners ownership model.

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This event is timed early morning, as you will be able to watch Not a Single Doubt x Countess Dehere in training followed by your very own photo with her.

Date: Saturday 8 December 2018
Time: 7:00am- 9:30am
Venue: Malua Geelong, 99 Breakwater Rd Breakwater VIC 3219
Where: The event will be held at trainer Troy Corstens’ Malua Racing Stables in Geelong
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What’s happening at Team Geelong’s event

  • Meet trainer Troy Corstens
  • Watch Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere partake in track work
  • Hear from miRunners about what ownership entails at $198 per unit + $15 per month
  • Take photos with Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere
  • Socialise with other Team Geelong miRunners owners

This is a great chance to enjoy the experiences, thrills and excitement unique to premium thoroughbred owners.

MiRunners bought Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere at the 2018 Inglis Classic Yearling Sale for $198,000 from Raheen Stud in Queensland. Each unit, therefore, costs $198, plus a fee of $15 per month to cover all costs. If more than one unit is bought, the monthly fee drops to $5 for the second and every subsequent unit, up to 20 units per owner.

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If you are considering ownership in a racehorse or just want to add to your personal stable at an affordable price, register for the event.

All existing miRunners owners are strongly encouraged to attend and see how their filly is progressing.

Owners in the Geelong community premium thoroughbred enjoy:

  • Ownership in your very own premium thoroughbred
  • Weekly videos and updates on how your thoroughbred is progressing – direct from the Trainer
  • Participation in a new team of Geelong Community co-owners and events to forge additional shared experiences and friendships
  • Involvement in naming your thoroughbred
  • Choice of designing and voting on your own racing silks
  • Invitations to meet the horse
  • Weekly video updates from trainers
  • Potential private area to watch the race at the track
  • Share of the prize money
  • The emotional investment that comes with owning a horse and watching it grow, train and race
  • Personalised certificate of ownership
  • Pro-rata share of all prize money won
  • Pro-rata share of sale proceeds when sold at the conclusion of her race career

To purchase your unit in Team Geelong’s Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere, click here.