Now you can own, choose the name, colours and silks and be part of this affordable ownership revolution with our Team Geelong Thoroughbred

Now you can own, choose the name, colours and silks and be part of this affordable ownership revolution with our Team Geelong Thoroughbred

With over 700 names entered by the Australian public for our miRunners Team Geelong Thoroughbred, it is now time to enter your colours and silk suggestions! Anyone can suggest the racing colours and design, with owners only able to vote on final racing name, colours and silks for the horse.

And with this 2YO only weeks away from her first trial, don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your say and watch your horse that you helped name and design silks for run her first races. You can buy in to the beautiful Team Geelong Thoroughbred  for just $198 per unit plus $15 per month.

View Troy’s latest update on the Not A Single Doubt x Countess Dehere below:

Members of the public are now invited to submit their colours and designs for our Team Geelong Thoroughbred, the Not A Single Doubt x Countess Dehere fillies racing silks: the shirt, sleeves and helmet that the jockey wears during the race. Only owners will be able to vote for final design.

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The racing colours and  silks are an important part of racing tradition and essential to the viewing. It gives an identity to the horse and the colours can provide a direct link back to the owners. Because of this, creative designs that link to the Geelong community are highly encouraged.

Background & philosophy: miRunners is about the power of numbers, and how a community coming together can provide an incredible experience for individuals. miRunners wants to deliver a high quality horse ownership opportunity to people from all walks of life and uses the power of people to make this happen. There is no secret to our formula: we simply purchase a premium racehorse, match it up with a top tier trainer and split the purchase cost into 1,000 units.

Below is the design for our miRunners silks:

Once entries close, the submissions will be whittled down to a shortlist where owners gets to vote for their favourite design. The winning design will be the racing silks of the Team Geelong Thoroughbred  Not A Single Doubt x Countess Dehere filly for the rest of her career.

Not A Single Doubt x Countess Dehere is the first community thoroughbred for miRunners, trained by Troy Corstens out of his Malua Stables in Geelong. She was bought for $198,000 (inc GST) at the Inglis Classic Sales in Sydney in 2018. Ownership was then split into 1,000 shares, each costing $198 plus a $15 monthly training & management fee.

Units in the beautiful Not A Single Doubt x Countess Dehere are still available to purchase for just $198 per unit plus $15 a month, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience premium thoroughbred ownership with this filly. Buy in now for the chance to vote for the final name and silks of our Team Geelong Thoroughbred!

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The Team Geelong Thoroughbred is supported in partnership with Geelong Racing Club. 

How to enter:

  1. Design the racing silks (shirt, sleeves and cap). You can choose colours, draw freehand, use the template or design software: it’s up to you. The template can be found here.
  2. Upload your design as a comment on this Facebook post.
  3. Entries close 15 March 2019 at 5pm
  4. All designs are an open book however please note the miRunners logo will need to be incorporated in the silks somewhere
  5. The winning entry will receive a VISA card valued at $213

Please note that all entries become the property of miRunners upon submission. miRunners reserves the right to make changes to the final design.

We can’t wait to see what creative designs you all come up with and what inspired you!

And don’t forget, to have your chance to vote on the final name and design of our Team Geelong Thoroughbred you must be an owner. So if you aren’t yet, buy in now!