In conversation with Geelong radio identity Tom King

In conversation with Geelong radio identity Tom King

We recently caught up with Tom King – sports presenter, K Rock’s AFL commentator, and proud miRunners Geelong community thoroughbred owner.

Talking everything from horse ownership, to early racetrack memories, to what the future may have in store, Tom – a four-times Australian Commercial Radio Award winner – is an excited first-time racehorse owner, thanks to miRunners.

“Growing up with limited football talent, I had to find some way to be a part of the AFL industry, especially in this part of the country! I’ve never been shy, so being a sports commentator, and working in radio, seemed like the next best option!”

And he has a long, deep affinity with racing that goes back to his youth.

“There is nothing like throwing on a suit, grabbing the form guide and a couple of mates, getting together to solve the problems of the world, and watching some quality thoroughbreds running races.

“I still remember vividly the Melbourne Cup win by Tawriffic, trained by Lee Freedman and ridden by Shane Dye, in 1989, listening to the call on 3UZ in our primary school’s quadrangle.”

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Tom was a casual race attendee through his twenties, but now attends many Geelong meetings each season, and also acts as host at events at the Geelong Racing Club, including the recent Fathers’ Day at the club at which the Geelong Community Thoroughbred was first announced. He also sponsors a race each year with a close friend.

Now he’s an owner in Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere, and we were keen to hear his early insights about the young filly.

“She’s a good size and a beautiful animal. Stallion Not A Single Doubt is one of the best going around. She cost $198,000 at sale, which means we have some real quality here, and trainer Troy Corstens knows what he’s talking about when it comes to horse flesh.”

We were curious about his views on what having a community horse means to the people of Geelong.

“It’s so exciting to have our own horse. Geelong is a great racing town, and to have a horse that represents Geelong is fantastic. Geelong has produced some great trainers and horses over the years, and we still have some at the moment. To have a quality thoroughbred owned by the people of Geelong will lift the spirits of the people who love their racing here. I’m really looking forward to being one of those owners. And Geelong is still a fairly small town, so it’s likely you’ll know plenty of other owners.”

Staying in touch with your filly

Still early days in the ownership experience of Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere, Tom is already enjoying the miRunners experience.

“What’s really exciting is that thoroughbred ownership is now so accessible with miRunners. Units in our filly are just $198 each and the ongoing costs are not expensive at all. I’ve already been impressed by the communication we’ve received from miRunners.

“Because it’s so affordable, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get in on the ground floor. I think we have something special, and some unit owners may well go on to buy units in other miRunners horses as well.”

“I’m really look forward to seeing the weekly videos, to see how she’s going. And of course the real excitement will come when she races for the first time. I think most of the owners will want to be part of that day and experience!”

“A lot of people have not had the opportunity until now to own a thoroughbred racehorse, and  I’ve not been involved in racehorse ownership until now, so this is my first opportunity. I can’t wait to see it unfold!”

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You can join Team Geelong for just $198 per unit, plus a fee of $15 per month to cover all costs. If more than one unit is bought, the monthly fee drops to $5 for the second unit on.

Join Tom and own your very own Geelong thoroughbred!