Why this former Miss Tourism Australia joined Team Geelong

Why this former Miss Tourism Australia joined Team Geelong

Former Miss Tourism Australia, Sarah Czarnuch is a busy lady. Between her international modelling career and her latest role as Bet 365 Geelong Cup ambassador – we managed to secure some of her precious time to talk fashion, racing and what it’s like to join Team Geelong and the miRunners family as an owner.

With such huge involvement in, and love for the fashion industry, she finds spring racing to be an “incredible time of the year to really experiment with your looks and have a bit of fun with some trackside glam.”

Racing ain’t just about the fashion for Sarah though. “Growing up it’s always been a family tradition of mine to attend key race days. Whether it was dressing up for Flemington or taking a picnic rug to local race days in Geelong. Spring time was always my favourite time of the year.”

“My parents were actually owners themselves when I was young so we travelled around to country race meets to watch their horse, even had a few cheeky wins which resulted in McDonalds on the car ride home!”

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“I love their beauty and their strength.” Says Sarah. “They are such incredible animals to watch. Racing to me is so much more than a sporting event, it brings the community together. Particularly the Geelong Cup carnival it’s such an amazing event to be a part of and something I encourage everyone to come along and enjoy the day.”

Now that she’s an owner in Not A Single Doubt X Countess Dehere Geelong’s community partnership thoroughbred we were interested to ask how the time they spent together went. “She just had such an incredible nature about her. It’s hard to put into words but I immediately felt at ease with her. Working with photographers and flashing lights can sometimes be quite stressful for horses but she was so calm and comfortable. A true professional.“

Sarah appears pretty excited with her new investment on both a personal and local level. “Obviously the privilege of becoming an owner of a premium horse trained by Troy is enough within itself. But I also feel it’s a great way for members of the Geelong Community to participate more in the racing world outside of just attending. It’s exciting to have an ownership opportunity in any capacity but to be able to share that with other members here in Geelong makes it that much more special.“

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Sarah shared how her own miRunners / personal ownership experience has been; “I can tell you it’s enhanced my love of racing ten fold. It enables you to really immerse yourself in all things racing and to gain an insight that goes far beyond just race days. The excitement of being involved with a particular horse, especially one local to the community, is an amazing opportunity to not only increase your knowledge of racing but to actively participate in the sport itself.“

Benefits of joining Team Geelong:

  • Name your horse
  • Choose your racing silk design
  • The opportunity to meet your horse
  • The thrill of watching your own horse race
  • Unique community and event experiences
  • Pro-rata share of all prize money won
  • Pro-rata share of sale proceeds when sold at the end of her race career

You can join Sarah in Team Geelong for just $198 per unit, plus a fee of $15 per month to cover all costs. If more than one unit is bought, the monthly fee drops to $5 for the second unit on.

The Special Offer

Purchase your first unit in one of our three available horses before 31 October to get your first month fee-free.

Until 31 October all the fees for your units in new horses will be free of charge for the first month. We are expecting to be sold out very soon, so we recommend you get in as quickly as possible to avoid missing out on this limited offer.